How Does Size Matter In Sexual Act?

Both men and women are conscious about the size of the manhood. There is not a single day, when men don’t spend time thinking about the ways through which the size of their penis can be increased. They surely want to opt for the best technique that promises to increase the size of their manhood. The market is flooded with pills, devices, and pumps. However, they are not sure about, which ones to choose, as they don’t want to damage the sensitive organ.

For ages, people have always debated about the size of their penis, as a few of them think that it doesn’t matter. However, there are many men who want a longer sized penis, so as to impress their partners.

Does Size Matter?

There is nothing to worry about the size of your penis, unless it is quite small. Women prefer men who have averaged sized manhood, as it makes their sexual intercourse quite exciting. It is quite obvious that men want to have a long sized penis for many reasons. There are many of them compare their penis with others, especially when they are in the changing room or other places.

It is quite easy to get carried away by seeing the porn stars performing erotic sexual acts in the movies. It is a myth, so don’t set high expectations that might not be possible to achieve. It would not be right to think that your small sized penis is not good enough for erotic performances. Since the year 1942, there have been many researches conducted with regards to the size of penis.

The normal sized penis is somewhere between 5.5 and 6 inches. If you have a micro sized penis, then it is definitely a matter to be concerned about. About 85 percent of women are satisfied with men who have this sized of manhood. Don’t doubt your sexual caliber if the size of your penis is smaller in size.

Why Women Want an Average Sized Penis?

There are many reasons as to why men prefer to have a long penis. With thick and long manhood, men can easily satisfy their partners without much hassle. Men with 4 inches can also satisfy their partners. Your tool should easily penetrate into her vagina and stimulate her clitoris.

As long as her vagina is stimulated, she is not bothered about the size of your penis. More than the size, she is concerned about the position you opt to satisfy her sexual desires. Even if you have a larger sized penis, with no sexual performances, she will be never satisfied.

Quality and not Quantity:

Bigger is not always better. Even if the size of your manhood is too big, unless you make proper use of it, there is no use. Sex is not all about entering deep into her, rather electrifying her erotically. There are different positions that will satisfy your desires and requirements.

So instead of thinking of those extra inches, you can try different positions that will satisfy you both. Be a passionate lover and try out new things, rather than thinking or worrying about the size.

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