Best Places To Enjoy A Quick Sex In The College Campus

College life is all about exploring and experimenting new ideas of life. It is also the most tempting place to experience erotic sex. A dorm room is often identified to be the most boring location of the campus. Hence, read the below mentioned tips to make your sex experience both exciting and unforgettable one.

Here you will find about 10 different ideas to make your sex experience happening and fun.

The lawn area

Well, this area is used by public so you can’t use it for making love during the day time. But at night invite her over for a drink and then experience her body right below the open sky, under the stars and watch meteors on her chest bounce. There cannot be better place to have sex below the star studded night at the campus lawn. Just lay her on the ground and experience the journey to the terrestrial world through her curves and moves.

Gym or fitness zone

Enjoy the finest sex immediately after completing your hectic exercises. Get hold of your girl and move with her into a quiet locker room and enjoy the hot and sweaty sex after the work out session.

Balcony of the hostel

Some campus apartments have balconies. Use it well after the dark. Just pull your girl and close the door behind your back. Enjoy few quiet moments with her while keeping the television on inside the room. Lay her on the balcony ground and sway through her chest and go down to enjoy the mesmerizing softness.

Campus buses

Life cannot be better when your girl sits on your lap and you slowly move inside her in an erotic manner. Try sitting at the back so that you can take advantage even if the bus is crowded. Just make her sit on your lap and move your dick with every bounces. Just forget the crowd and smile.

Elevator of the dorm

Campus elevators are always the best place for a quickie. Get inside and hit the top floor. Then remove your pants and open her as well. Save time and be quick. Bend on her and enjoy the warm and softness. Go inside her, if time permits and then wear your pants quickly as the elevator is about to stop at its destination. You can enjoy the sex on the elevator at anytime and then walk out the lift happily.


Classroom is all about study session and learns new things. But in between the lecture you can enjoy her body and have sex after the lecture in over. Feel her moves and go deep down her pelvic area. Just don’t waste time put off your pants and hers and move on top of her.

Fraternity house

If live in house just attend a Saturday night party. Then lock yourself in the basement, pool table, or bedroom and enjoy sleeping on her top and sucking through her chest and fucking her through the night.

Campus library

When you are busy studying late hours in the library just get a company. Look at her in the late hours and smile. Then remove her clothes slowly and enjoy the spontaneous sex, amidst books and racks in the library.

Professor’s room

It needs planning and enjoying the space of an empty professor’s room. Just plan strategically then pull her inside and remove her pants. Be quick and lay her on the table so that she can test you properly and completely.

Sports arena

Enjoy the sex at the biggest sports arena of the campus. Bring here in the sports field and enjoy the life time opportunity when no one is present.

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