Facts About Teenage Sex

It is not really legal for individuals to indulge in sexual acts before the age of eighteen. Not only this, juveniles are not allowed to purchase porn films, or adult toys. However, a lot of underage girls and boys indulge in sexual intercourse and get into various problems such as contracting STDs, being a young mom and others.

Legal issues

Having sex or indulging in any such activity with an underage individual could put an adult in trouble. There are strict rules and severe punishments to all those, who break the laws. Each country has different punishments for such crimes.

Sex – a Personal Choice

Many young people do not get involved in teenage sex for various reasons. For some, it might be the sense of loyalty towards their future partners, whereas there are many others who might consider it to be immoral to indulge in sex before marriage. Whatever might be the reason, it is your personal life choices and you are entitled to have them. However, it is very important to stay mentally strong and healthy during the period when you abstain from involving yourself from sexual intercourse

The act of sexual intercourse is your personal choice, and if you feel that you should hold on for more time for reasons of your own, then you need to do so. It might not necessarily be the way to show your commitment towards your partner. Maybe you are waiting until you are older, smarter, well informed, and prepared. Every reason is a great one. Go for sex when you are ready and mentally prepared.

Consequences of Teenage Sex

Many young people consider teenage sex to be immoral, because they strongly believe that they should lose their virginity only with the partners with whom they are truly committed to. Well, making love is definitely an activity, which is ideally meant for the grown ups. If you feel that you are old enough to take care of yourself, you might want to consider other consequences that are usually associated with teenage sex.

Safety issues

Don't overlook the possibility of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, which could ruin your life for good. Also, you will need to protect yourself and your partner from unwanted pregnancy, because coming to terms with such situations can be really stressful. It can be a big obstacle in your life, especially because it is the time of your life when you are working hard towards building a successful career for your life.

If you feel that the time has come for you to indulge in sexual intercourse, it is very important for you to know about all the safe practices as well. You could also consult with your doctor to learn more about contraception. Many young adults find it very embarrassing to discuss such things with their parents, but you can learn a lot about them on the internet.

You should consider using condoms or even the spermicidal types. Flavored condoms and dental dams offer great protection to people, who wish to find pleasure in oral sex. Talk with your doctor regarding other methods for you to practice safe sex. Sex isn’t enjoyable if you end up conceiving a child against your wishes, or if you get infected with an STD.

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