Get The Libido Back In Your Love Life

The level of libido changes often throughout the span of life, for both women and men. A low libido can mean several things for a female, especially after having a baby. Here’s how to determine why she has reduced libido and how you can revitalize your partner’s sex drive after she has given birth to a baby.

Why the Woman’s Sex drive Might Alter

There several reasons that impacts the sexual life of a women and reduces their desire to enjoy a healthy intimacy life. Hormonal changes are one of the reasons for such a change. Reduction in estrogen is one of the main reasons that reduces libido in women. She might have a rampant libido when she is young, but it reduces gradually as she becomes old.

Post pregnancy, she becomes disinterested into sexual acts. It is necessary that you communicate with her to understand what she is going through. Forcing on her your intentions can ruin your relationship. The best way you can attract her is by talking to her and comforting her to spend time with you, without an intention of having sex.

Physical Factors for which Female’s Libido Can Reduce

There are innumerable reasons why they feel disinterested in having sex with you. Some of the reasons are as follows -

  • Changes in their hormones
  • Post pregnancy.
  • Sudden increase in weight.
  • Consumption of medicines, including anti-depressants and anti-psychotics

Emotional Causes For any Reduced Sex drive

Emotional changes also impact their sexual desire, which needs to be taken care as well. If she is not talking to you about it, then make an effort to understand her problems.

  • Being exhausted, especially after finishing her works at home or workplace.
  • No time to spend with each other
  • Emotional detachments.
  • Lack of self confidence, especially after giving birth to a baby.
  • Depression or even anxiety

What that you can do to turn up the Sex drive

Taking care of your small kid is a time consuming affair and leaves you with no time to spend for yourself. Hectic lifestyle is another concern, where you hardly get time to talk to your partner.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your partner gets enough time for herself. Help her in finishing the household works like cleaning the dishes, cooking, and cleaning. She will not get time to relax, but can talk to you while working. You can surprise her by taking her out on a date.

As she is no hurry to finish off the work or cook for you, her mind is all more relaxed. Talk to her about good olden days, where you had a great time spending time with each other. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways of rewinding the past. Nothing can be more relaxing and exciting than an erotic massage.

You can make her feel happy by expressing your love and affection towards her. As and when possible, you can pamper her with gifts and massage.

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