Having Sex In Hot Tub With Condom Is Not A Good Idea

Today couples prefer making love in different ways that is quite erotic and sensual. Sex in a hot tub, is not only passionate but exciting as well. Such sex, many a times involves risk especially when you are enjoying sex with a stranger. Don’t involve into sex without taking proper precaution, as it can be transmit many sexual related diseases.

Such unsecured sex might also lead to unwanted pregnancy, which you might be, not prepared for. Condom is one of the effective ways of controlling such risk, and you cannot afford to ignore such precaution. Couples always wonder if they can use condom, while having sex in hot tub water.

You will be glad to know that hot water doesn’t affect the latex condom material. However, you cannot rule out the possibility of any sort of risk that is usually involved in hot bath water sex.

There is always a possibility that the condom might slip off, while having sex in the water. This will also make the task tougher to wear the condom again, as it is wet. If the water is hot then there is a chance that it may make the condom weak and eventually it might tear. It has been observed that chemical water often weakens the quality of the condom, no matter whatever the manufacture assures you.

But, still you can follow certain instructions, while having sex in the hot tub and using the condom.

  • Keep the Oil away from the Hot Tub: You should definitely avoid oil, as this can cause the latex to break or tear. In other words, take off the sun screen lotion or other moisture that is present on your body. Sometimes bubble bath can contain oil.
  • Avoid wearing Condom in Hot Tub: You should wear the condom, before getting into the hot tub. As wearing condoms inside the bath tub might increase the probability of busting out or sliding off due to the water that might rush inside the condom.
  • Water is not a Lubricant: It is a misconception among people that water is a lubricant, when worn inside the tub. If the vaginal canal is dry and you have lost the lubricant of the condom then it can damage the sensitive sexual part.

You might be quite tempted to use oil based lubricant, as it can easily resist water. But the oil based lubricant is not a match for any kind of latex condom. You can definitely make use of the oil based lube along with the polyurethane condom, only if you are allergic to latex condom.

It is not possible to hold the lubrication in any way in the water, while having sex. The heat and the chlorine that is present in the tub can certainly affect the lubrication and break the latex, if it remains inside for a longer time. You may be interested to try different positions in the tub, but you will not be able to perform as the condom might have lost the lubricant.

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