Is It Possible For Someone To Live With Double Vagina?

There are endless sex peculiarities and myths in this world. Many of the stories are quite strange, while others are interesting. There are few men who are known to own 12 inches penis, while women have double vagina. This might sound quite strange and unusual, and in fact it is not. Many a times, women are not aware of the fact that they have double vagina.

In simple medical science, this term is known as dedelphic uterus, where a girl owns more than one uterus and cervix or canal. Such organs are located internally and cannot be seen even the girl is naked. It has to be diagnosed and can be easily treated by a medical expert.

Function of two vagina while sex:

Apparently people may think that having double vagina will stimulate more fun during sex. Some think that it will boost double fun and they can enjoy deep penetration. However the fact is that there are generally one cervix, primary uterus, and canal. The secondary body parts are much smaller in size. The second vaginal canal is usually not bigger in size and the width is no longer than a pencil. It mainly remains hidden within the labia and folds of the vulva.

Such women usually face innumerable problem which includes intense bleeding, pain, and irregular periods. Some of them experience breakthrough or penetration bleeding, if they use tampons. Each uterus will suffer from menstruation and if tampon is used on the primary canal, it causes excessive bleeding.

Does it influence your sexual life?

Such women usually suffer during intercourse, as the second one is usually small and remains hidden. The pain might be so severe that they might fear indulging into any sexual act. In case your partner is too often complaining about this issue, then it indicates that something is wrong.

You might not be able to realize the problem, if you are having sex for the 1st time. Such pain is often related to penetration, and thus is ignored. The canal often tries to adjust as per the size of the penis. During sexual intercourse, the penis is generally penetrated not into the second one and inside the primary vagina.

In fact, if a girl doesn’t tell her partner that she has more than one, he will never know.

Any woman will have a pleasurable experience and get mind-blowing orgasm, without her lover penetrating the secondary canal, just like any other girl. The g-spot is still there in a woman’s primary canal.

Does it affect pregnancy?

A double vagina gets complicated during pregnancy. It hardly affects the sexual life of an individual, but it is likely for the sperms to go through both canals and inseminate eggs in each uterus individually. Any woman could be a number of months or weeks pregnant inside one uterus, and later, in the second one. The deliveries could take up to more than a few days, weeks, or months.


Sometimes this problem is overlooked. But in some cases it needs surgical treatment. The case of double vagina is very rare. The problem is identified only when she visits a gynecologist with menstruation problem. Then the doctor decides about the treatment procedure.

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