Reasons For Women Faking Their Orgasm

Sex and ultimate orgasm generally take longer for females, but what happens when she attains it earlier than you? Generally, it is seen that a man reaches the climax much faster than a woman, but it’s not uncommon for a woman to reach orgasm prior to her partner. One reason might be that she’s faking it or she might just be super delicate.

Use proper lubrication!

Sex for a long time can end up being very unpleasant or painful for any woman in the event, especially when she is not lubed properly. Even though she’s experienced in ejaculation, she might not really be moist enough to have sex with you. There’s an easy solution – use more lube! If you’re not using any then it’s time to purchase a good, water based lube that's both adult toy and condom suitable. Enough lubricant makes sexual intercourse better and also helps it to keep going on for a longer period.

She Could End up being satisfied

In most of the cases, it is quite difficult for a guy to give multiple orgasms to a woman, but the simple truth is, many ladies can accept just a single one. This is particularly true when the one orgasm she experiences is incredible and totally rocks the woman's world. If it had been that great, she might be too tired to keep having sex anymore, so try to stimulate her organs so that she can get ready for another sex play.

She may also give you a fake

Another possibility is to check if your girlfriend takes a longer or shorter time to get an orgasm while in bed with you. In case she takes the least time to climax, then it surely means that she is faking it.

Generally women take time to warm-up during the foreplay and enjoy it for longer period than men. If your lady love is moaning and her clitoris are erecting along with wet vagina, then she is definitely having the best time of her life with you.

If she's faking it then find out the reason. Have you failed to please the woman’s requirement? Is your time and efforts in providing her a good orgasm is not adequate and she simply fakes it?

One of the most typical reasons why girls phony their climaxes is because their partner is simply not able to do it. Most of them do not have the heart to inform them about it. If a person suspects that she’s faking, talk to her about it. Ask your lover what you can do to satisfy her.

Teaching her to Attain Multiple Climaxes

If you feel that your partner’s orgasm is actually genuine and she is really satisfied with one, then you could ask her to take over. However, if she looks unsatisfied, you could extend the foreplay session and continue till she gets enough of it. Women have tendencies to have multiple orgasms, one after the other. Usually, they enjoy the mid-arousal phase, which in turn extends their time to get orgasm or allows them to carry on climaxing.

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