Intensify Your Intimacy Through Various Sex Position

There are many things that need to be taken care off while maintaining a healthy relationship. Sex is one of the important aspects that strengthen your bonding with her. Things can become quite boring, if you continue performing sex in same positions. It is better that you try different positions that will give a thrilling experience. There is nothing wrong in trying a unique position each time you make love.

Make things more interesting by taking small breaks between your hectic routine. This will not only add spice to your life, but will get you closer to her as well. Try different ways to penetrate her vagina. You might be not successful in the 1st attempt, but try them again and again. It is necessary that you convince your partner, so that she also participates into the action.

Following are the Four Erotic Sexual Position:

Legs Intertwined - Making love in the missionary or women on top position is one of the most interesting and intimate one. Not only will you be able to see her expressions, but adjust your position so as to enter deep into her. You can kiss her tender lips, massage her breast, and feel the closeness of her warm and soft body.

During the act, you could whisper a few romantic words into her ears, which will amuse her for sure. When done in the right way, the legs intertwined position can be quite sensual and erotic. Stretch your legs wide and slowly move while entering into her. Once you are about to reach the climax, you could throb in and out until you ejaculate. Meanwhile, you can also hold her hips and get her body close to you, as this will help you in touching her G-spot.

Sexy Crush – This is a variation to the missionary position. Ask your partner to slightly raise her legs in air, and then penetrate into her by applying gentle pressure. Kneel down and enter deep into her, in order to get maximum satisfaction. Don’t miss on the opportunity to kiss her, as you move in and out of her vagina. Beware of your weight, as she might not be able to take it completely.

Grip Her Loving – it is one of the most intensified lovemaking positions, where you can easily switch over from the crushing position to another. Sit on your heels and use your hands to caress her thighs and other sensitive parts. This grip is called as lovers grip, as you can place one of her legs over your shoulders and directly enter into the vagina. Ensure that your partner is lying on her back comfortably. If required, you can raise her hips, and then make throbbing movements. In this way you can penetrate deep into her vagina and reach her G-spot. In order to enjoy the most, you could try to change the positions, as smoothly as you can. The more you try out different positions, the better you enjoy.

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