Understand The Concept Of Contraception

Sex is one of the most important topics that attract both men and women. It is equally important to understand the relevance of contraception. You might have come across some shocking news where a 15 year girl gave birth or a boy becomes father at the age of nine. Such headlines reveal the fact that many people, especially youngsters are not much aware about contraception.

Importance of Condoms

Sex without condom is like sailing on deep sea water without any precaution. You are always surrounded by some kind of risk, which can also be life threatening sometimes. Condoms are readily available at local chemist shops and are not expensive at all. When compared to male condoms, female condoms are less effective and not reliable as well. Thus, it is not preferred by many users. Almost 98 percent of men use condom, whenever they are indulging in sexual activities with a stranger.

It acts as a shield and protects you from unwanted pregnancy, which is usually high among teenagers. You certainly don’t want to enjoy sex at the cost of your life. With the increase in life threatening disease like STDs and HIV, the use of condom is a must. A majority of men do not prefer wearing them initially, as it can be uncomfortable when worn on the sensitive part. However, you can’t overlook its importance, when having sex with a stranger. There are different types of condoms available in the market. You can also buy a flavored condom that is not expensive either.

Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation

It is proved to be one of the most effective and 100 percent result oriented protection, especially designed for women. Vasectomy is a special operation that stops semen from entering into her vagina. A special tube known as vas is inserted in her private part. This operation is not permanent, as it can be taken off whenever not required. Female tubal ligation, on the other hand is an operation where her Fallopian tubes are blocked. It is very difficult to reverse it. Couples can opt for any one of the options. It mainly helps in birth control, thus they need to have proper knowledge about the option.

Female Contraceptive Pills

These pills are commonly used for controlling pregnancy. It is quite effective and has 99 percent assurance. Such pills are available through prescription. It is safe and doesn’t have any side effects when consumed on a regular basis. Whenever you want to become pregnant, you can stop consuming the pills. There are some pills that stop the development of cervical cancer, which is quite essential. However it is necessary that you don’t over consume them, as they cause heart attack, strokes, and vein susceptibility.

Family Planning

It is another way of controlling the pregnancy. Here you don’t need to undergo surgery, take pills or implant any internal devices. It is completely based on her menstrual cycle, which determines her fertility rate. You need to remember the cycle and follow it and lead a healthy and stress free life.

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