What Men Can Learn From Lesbian Sex?

There are many things that straight guys can learn from lesbian lovemaking acts. Their sexual positions can be quite interesting and satisfying. Their bedroom play is quite different and exciting, when compared to the normal sex. Pillow fight, strap-on, and others are some of the interesting lesbian bedroom scenes. They have different ways of satisfying each other’s sexual quest.

You can learn different ways of sexual satisfaction from them, as their pressure and excitement is quite higher than heterosexual acts. They definitely don’t have the equipment, but still can reach the ultimate orgasm. Passionate kisses, love making, pampering, and caressing are some of the common scenes. They play around these sensitive parts, thus making every session special and erotic.

Facts about Lesbian Sex:

Men can be Boring in Bed

You might be shocked to know that many men can be boring in bed as they merely concentrate on only one thing. They usually stick to fewer positions and don’t have any idea that is out of the box. Sex is not about penetrating, getting her wet, foreplay, and few others. These things can rock her world, but mind it you need to bring in some variations. If not it can become quite boring and routine. This is surely something that your partner doesn’t expect from you.

The more excitement you can create in this act, the more pleasure you can get from it. Don’t merely think about your orgasm, but think about better ways to sexually mesmerize her. It is quite necessary to get aroused and get fully satisfied by the act. Not many men take care of this thing, and end up annoying their partner. Intimacy is not a one day affair and thus you need to find new ways to amuse her on the bed. Discuss with her about her passion and try to enact them as and when possible.

Oral Sex

When 2 women indulge in a sexual act, they concentrate on many things. They spend considerable time exploring each other’s body, passion, and pamper themselves. They have romantic touch on each and every session, which doesn’t happen when you have sex with a man as they give less priority to orgasms. However, lesbians make a gentle approach and feel the warm and fresh flesh body of each other. They include lots of fun games in their activities, which don’t make it boring at all.

In lesbian lovemaking, oral sex plays an important role. Being a girl they have a better knowledge about the sensitive parts, which includes stimulating their clitoris, and other organs. Couples do participate in fingering and also use sex toy to enter deep into their private part. They in fact don’t mind spending time exploring the body and helping each other to arouse. Many men don’t have patience to indulge in oral sex and even if they do, it is for a short period. All that they think about is entering deep into her and satisfying their desires. They lack mutual contribution, which is not the case with women.

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