Winter Sex Tips To Warm Up Your Body

Winter is a cozy season, where your girl wouldn’t dare to undress herself even in the bedroom. It is indeed a romantic season, where you can warm her up with your body temperature. You can make your bedroom appear romantic and appealing by increasing her sexual desires and libido. Enjoy every moment that you can possibly spend with your partner.

Following are the tips for enjoying winter sex –

Reveal your Masculine Power – Attract your partner with your fire and masculine power and win her in the bedroom. Exhibit your passion and sexual desire, so she understands what you have in mind. Set the right mood, so you can easily excite her and play with her. Light up the fire that will warm up the room, and passionately explore her curves in such an atmosphere. You can make the room exclusive by lighting aromatic candles and beautifully placing them all over the place.

Erotic Massage – Please your girl with an aromatic and enchanting massage that will relax her. Tickle her gently all around her sensitive part and enjoy viewing her expressions. You can massage her body with hot water for about 4-5 minutes. Check the temperature of the water and then pour it on her back and massage it using a proper technique. The procedure you adopt to massage her body will excite her and arouse her. Such a massage will warm up her body as well.

Interesting Candle Play – Couples, who intend to enjoy adventurous sex, always prefer candle play. In this act, you can gently drip hot wax on your partner’s skin. It will increase her sensitivity, once you feel her body. You can make use of special candles that produces less molten wax and doesn’t impact her skin at all.

Warm Lube – You can warm up your body, by using a warming lubricant that is quite exciting. It increases sensitivity, which is required for experiencing sensational sex. Such an act will stimulate her sexuality and create a special feeling altogether.

Go Crazy With Wet and Wild – A hot water tub bath can be enchanting, especially when the weather outside has dropped tremendously. It will certainly relax your mind and body and get you closer to your partner. There are many romantic things that you can do in the tub, do not miss this opportunity. You can make use of waterproof vibrators that will excite your partner to the core. Give her head massage and shampoo her hair and she will feel special and adored. In other words, massaging is the best way to get erotically close to her. Warm her up and charge her for the next step.

Sex-ercise – In this season, try different positions that will activate your muscles. Kneeling position is one of the best methods that will provide you with maximum comfort and excitement. Let her legs go behind yours and enter her wildly. Don’t forget to take breaks, in between.

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