Are Hairy Guys A Turn Off For Women?

Body hair is a matter of preference. In general, women do not like men who have heavy hair growth on their body. They often feel uncomfortable while giving a blowjob. However, not all women hate hairy men. Some women believe that a man is not complete without hair on his body. They are rarely affected by the body hair and they enjoy the silky hair of his body. Some girls like the hairy chest or stomach.

Sex or love making do not have any fixed rules to follow. Some like women on top and others may enjoy the missionary position. Likewise, hair too has a similar reaction. It is liked by some women, but most of them hate it during blowjob. So, find out about your partner’s choice and prepare yourself accordingly.

Discuss with your girl

Not all women prefer pretty shaven face, similarly some do not like carpeted chest. Body hair is often liked or disliked by women. Thus, talk to your partner and find out what is her preference during sex. Does she want a clean area for a blowjob or not. Find out what attracts her most during sex. For example, some enjoy G spot stimulation, but some enjoy orgasm through clitoral movement. So, find out if your lady feels chocked or enjoys the hairiness in you.

Look for someone who is attuned to you

Try and find a like minded person, if you do not shave your body on a regular basis. The chest hair may act as a turn on to her. However, keep one thing in mind that no one wishes to spoil the mood during oral sex. The bush could act as an obstacle during those enjoyable moments. You may face trouble while shaving the ingrown hairs. So do not clean the entire area, it may look odd, just shorten it so that it doesn’t create problems for your partner.

All about appearing good

Grooming or appearing good is an integral part of the lifestyle. Just like the physical appearance, men must also focus on complete appearance so that he gets to enjoy a perfect and happy sex life with their partner. Guys may follow the below mentioned tips and maintain a groomed appearance.

  • You may shave the body parts. However, it may look odd in the genital area.
  • Try to take the help of a trimmer to shorten the pubic hair.
  • You can also use a beard trimmer for this purpose.

Men often think that there is no need to modify their appearance for lovemaking. Some feel that the process of hair removal is tedious and may even hurt. In such a situation they can only look for women who prefer body hair. On the contrary, some feel that they should trim a bit to satisfy their lady and enjoy the sex in a perfect way. You cannot enjoy a perfect blowjob if she is uncomfortable with your penis area. So an ideal way to handle the situation is by maintaining it.

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