Before And After Penis Enlargement Photos - Are They Real?

Many people often get deceived by the unrealistic penile enlargement photos of men which are depicted as the end result of a fake product. Men who are obsessed with bigger penis without knowing the reality behind such photos will blindly choose the fake products and as a result suffer from serious setbacks.

This article will let you know what the photos don’t reveal. There is lot of undisclosed truth behind those fake photos which you need to know. They’re not always what they claim to be. The photos are just the brilliance of photo editing tools and nothing else.

Many of the companies would indulge in wrong publicity of their products with the help of the fake photos. Neither they’re capable of producing such amazing and unrealistic results nor should you be hoping to see such huge changes in your body with the help of any product.

Penis enhancement is a process that can’t be achieved with any unrealistic methods and you need to be careful about them. Don’t run behind any product just because it promises amazing results. You need to choose them based on their ability to produce safe and effective results.

What you see in the photos is not always true. The below points would help you to know the real truth behind these photos.

Are they real?

When you come across any penis photos which shows the before and after effects of a product the first thing that has to be examined is whether they’re real or not. Most of them are manipulated and fabricated ones which do not give the right picture of the fact. The size depicted in the images may not always be true.

Usually these companies take photographs of men who are part of porn movies and manipulate them in order to depict as the amazing results produced by their products. None of the products will be able to increase your penis size by 4 – 5 inches. If anybody claims to produce such results then they’re either fake or unrealistic.

What is the reality behind those photos:

Penis enlargement is a process where the cells are expanded in order to release more blood to the penile region. This can be achieved only with the help of some genuine products such as penis enhancement pills, patch, etc.

The reality behind the photos is that they’re actually achieved with the help of these products and later manipulated further to portray them as amazing results produced by the these products. These products / methods include surgery, pumps, weight hanging and creams which are ineffective and dangerous.


No matter what these photos say but you need to stick to the basics and ensure that there are no side effects attached with the product chosen. Be very careful while making a choice since a small mistake could spoil your chances of enlarging the penis. Penile enlargement photos don’t often speak the truth. Get your decision right.

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