Eat These To Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is no longer strictly associated with old age. Even young men in their 20s are susceptible to this humiliating sexual disorder. This paradigm shift is perhaps being witnessed due to the poor lifestyle habits that the modern generation is adopting. A good number of people have entirely refused to heed the advice surrounding beneficial lifestyle adjustments. One such change has to do with proper nutrition.

Many men are still eating junk even after being cautioned against the effect of their behavior on their sexual health. If you have read widely about ED, you must have realized that whatever you eat is of utmost importance. Apparently, you can eat your way to stronger and longer lasting erections than what you currently enjoy – besides keeping ED at bay.

Some of the signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction include;

  • Difficulties obtaining an erection
  • Challenges maintaining an erection for the period necessary to enjoy satisfactory sex
  • Decrease sex drive and
  • Low self-esteem

Below are some of the foods that you can eat to reduce your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction. They include:

  1. Leafy greens and beets – if you hate them with passion, you are better of teaching yourself to love them. Leafy greens and beets mean the whole world when it comes to the effectiveness of your erectile function because they are rich in nitrates. The high concentration of nitrates helps to increase blood flow to the penis. Since they are vasodilators, the nitrates in leafy green vegetables such as spinach and celery open up blood vessels which in turn allow more blood to pass.
  2. Oysters and other types of shellfish – one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction is hormonal When your testosterone levels decrease, your erectile function may suffer. The massive amount of zinc in oysters and other forms of shellfish goes a long way in keeping your hormones in check.
  3. Watermelon – this fruit is apparently a natural Viagra. Besides boosting the quality of your erections, watermelon performs wonders when it comes to sexual desire. The fruit contains elements known as phytonutrients that act as antioxidants. As a result, they work by relaxing the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis to prompt erections. Other fruits like bananas, cantaloupe, oranges, and strawberries also contain phytonutrients.
  4. Foods with omega-3 fatty acids – ED have been linked to health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac disease. A sizeable proportion of men who complain of poor erections usually consume diets low in omega-3 fatty acids. To prevent the occurrence of these conditions and erectile dysfunction, consider eating foods such as pumpkin seeds, canola oil, walnuts, eggs, fish, and If for one reason or the other you have difficulties accessing these foods, you may use DHA supplements.
  5. Red wine – have you ever thought of ditching your usual booze, and replacing it with one or two glasses of red wine? You now have a good reason to do so. According to a research study publicized in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, regular consumption of red wine, alongside three servings of foods containing flavonoids such as blackberries, blueberries, and cherries, reduces a person’s likelihood of experience impotence by 19%.

If you are already facing some or all of the above symptoms, you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you haven’t, or the symptoms are just mild, proactivity is critical at this point in your life. As already stated above, whatever you eat is a huge determinant of the strength of your erectile function.

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