Erogenous Sensitivity Is Critical To Making Natural Enhancement Pills Work

Sexual stimulation is influenced by several actions. The hormones, blood flow and brain activities are all involved. These systems response to the stimulation of the erogenous areas involve thereby, affecting the sexual intensity and duration.

Where the natural enhancement pill is used to induce greater arousal, the response of the erogenous zone is needed. So why is the sensitivity of the highly erotic areas critical to the functioning of the male enhancement pill? Below is a detailed elaboration.

Neurological system

The neurological system refers to the linkage between the brain and the different organs in the body. Hence, for the natural enhancement pills to work effectively, they require functional neurons. The pills will trigger the agitation of the sexual desires as an outcome. These desires are then relayed to the brain. The brain reacts by releasing the necessary pulses to erogenous areas, further enhancing the sexual activities triggered by the male enhancement pills.

In this process, the nerves are the conveyor belts of the chemical pulses to the brain. They transmit messages in a fraction of a second to the brain and back to the message’s origin. So, in the event of an improperly functioning neuron system, the potency of male enhancement pills is stifled. The nerves fail to relay the necessary pulses to the brain. Consequently, the anticipated reflex action from the brain in this response is absent. 

Circulatory system

Another important mechanism through which the male enhancement pills work is via the blood flow. Blood vessels are instrumental in distributing the ingredients of the supplement. Once swallowed, the pills are taken by the blood to the cells and directed to the urological organs. Once detected in the male sex organs, they trigger sexual arousal.

But in case there is a problem with any of the vessels transporting blood, the desired effects of the supplements are not exhibited partly due to the inability of the blood to ferry the nutrients to the right organs.A serious arterial malfunction or a severe pulmonary condition are some of the factors which could result in this situation. In such a condition, the male enhancement pill fails to counter the sexual dysfunction they are intended to overcome.

Endocrine system

The male enhancement pills also need hormonal activities to stimulate the sexual organs. For men, testosterone is the most dominant hormone determining the sex drive. The greater the hormone releases together with other associated beneficial factors, the strong the erection as well as the sperm quality.

Hence, in case of low testosterone production due to endocrine maladies, chances are that the libido level will not be heightened even after taking the natural male enhancement pills. Surgeries done to correct thyroid and prostate conditions may cause such problems. This is because testosterone hormones are manufactured by these organs. If the desired effects of the male enhancement pills are subdued by such circumstances, the artificial testosterone supplements may reverse these effects and facilitate the male enhancement pills to work better in improving the sex drive.

There may be other psychological factors that inhibit the male sex enhancement pills from actively stimulating a strong sexual arousal. Prior violent sexual abuse cases such as sodomy may etch repulsive memories, resulting in psychological inhibition to the stimulation of the erogenous zones in some rare cases. 

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