How Much Are Male Enlargement Pills?

Male enhancement pills comes in many shapes and sizes. Besides, differences in these products result in some being expensive while others availed cheaply. This may cause the users to wonder - why the difference?

How much the male enhancement pills costs are influenced by several factors. These elements cause the price variances, not only in different products but also seasonal price fluctuation for the same brand. Below are these factors:


The processes through which the manufacture of male enhancement pills passes influences its eventual pricing. Sterile clean, spacious and approved manufacturing plants dictate a greater investment by the producer. Further, to meet the stringent FDA and similar approvals, constant inspector visits and production guidelines must be met. As such, each piece of an ingredient is inspected for potency, treatment and storage.

These elaborate procedures result in making quality products. However, it also pushes up the price of the male enhancement pills made under such conditions.


How fast the male enhancement pills deliver the intended results also influences how much it would cost. A quick-acting pill is more desirable to males. Yet there are some which deliver just temporary reprieve for erectile dysfunction.

Again, there are also other brands which are taken for a considerable duration but results in a marked permanent enhancement of the penis performance.All these variants determine the cost of the products 


The ingredients used to manufacture the pills constituent the bulk of its cost. Some pills have rare, highly potent components that are hard to find. The bulk of these additives are sourced from inhospitable regions of the world. Yet some ingredients retain their efficacy through natural growth in certain climatic conditions. Hence, these components are not available all year round.

Besides, the ingredients have to be formulated in a controlled environment using sophisticated equipment and procedures. These factors make the development of the male enhancement pills expensive and certainly impacts on the pricing.


The quality of packaging used to wrap the medicines also adds up to the price. High-quality tamper-proof and weather-resistant blister pack are of superior quality. Likewise, the usage of temperature-controlled bottle containers with child-proof lids to pack these male enhancement pills ensure that they retain their freshness and quality.

Besides, there are a variety of packs containing a differing number of pills - some 30 while other containing 60. Hence the type, size, and contents of a male enhancement pills pack also determines the ultimate price the user would pay.


The need for a certain product also determines how much it would cost. A male enhancement pill brand popular with many who consider it their first choice will likely command a high price in comparison with a less favored product.

Special Situations

Being a special function product, men are willing to pay more for performance warranty. Hence the pills that guarantee excellent performance and considers full cash refund in case of customer dissatisfaction charges a higher price in relation to cheaper variants.


Some manufacturer also intentionally lower their prices to conquer a certain market. Besides, marketing dictates that the marketers offer a special discount during unique occasions like Valentine’s Day, to prop up demand. Hence, these marketing tactics also influence how much a male enhancement pill costs.

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