L-Arginine, The Sex-Promoting Amino Acid With Multiple Benefits

L-Arginine is one of the well-studied nutritional supplements. It is effective for both male and female and has been proven to be safe. It is an essential amino acid – this means that it cannot be produced by our own bodies.

Research has shown that most people are shy about discussing their sex lives, something that shouldn’t be the case. Nevertheless, most people in the world suffer from various types of sexual dysfunctions. Women may experience a decrease in sexual desire and find it difficult to reach orgasms. On the other hand, men may experience erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence.

L-Arginine donates nitric acid to the body. Lately, it has been found that nitric oxide plays a major role in the sexual functioning of both sexes. It helps to maintain blood vessels functionality. The main cause of erectile dysfunction in men is impaired blood circulation.

L-Arginine works by increasing the flow of blood to the genitals, therefore, causing a relaxation of the muscle fibers in the walls of the blood vessels. This results in more blood reaching the penis. The outcome is a miraculously harder and bigger erection. This supplement in men helps deal with issues of impaired sperm activity or decreased sperm count.

Both sexes give a positive feedback that L-Arginine positively affects their desire for sex. Some say that their orgasms are much more intense. L-Arginine also works for women by increasing the blood flow to their reproductive organ thereby making the clitoris and the vaginal tissues to be more sensitive and responsive to sexual stimulation.

This promotes the chances of a woman reaching orgasm and enjoying sex. A study also showed that women who used L-Arginine for menopause issues heightened their sexual response. At the same time, women experienced a decreased vaginal dryness after a month of using this amazing supplementation.

This supplement does not only work in improving the sex life but also aids in boosting the immune system performance. It regulates the blood pressure – once in the bloodstream, L-Arginine is changed to nitric oxide, a strong neurotransmitter that causes an increase in blood circulation and relaxes the blood vessels. It acts as a vasodilator treating even the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Furthermore, L-Arginine promotes muscle development. In order to increase muscle mass and tone, taking a protein supplement after an exercise helps a lot. The reason for this is that it has in it L-arginine. This supplement benefits the muscle in two ways; first, it is a building block for other essential substances in the body like nitric acid and creatine.

L-Arginine decreases the recovery time and assist in the faster healing of wounds. L-Arginine also helps in the healing of the damaged liver cells. The salt present in L-Arginine has benefits for patients with advanced liver cirrhosis.

Being a non-essential amino acid, it’s worth ensuring you get enough of it. It is readily available in many foods and forms. This includes animal protein like meat, pork and all the seafood. Plant sources also have this supplement. Nuts, oatmeal, cooked soya beans and brown rice are some of the good sources you can try.

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