Measuring Your Penis Size Are You Really Above The Average?

This question is hard to answer for men around the world. Many men are not sure about whether their penis size is small, average or big. They are not able to differentiate between these sizes and often feel deprived of better sexual pleasure. So how to determine how big is your penis? Read on.

A majority of men don’t really know what is an average penis size and misunderstand that they have a bigger sex organ. This misconception has to be addressed or else you might end up spoiling your relationship with the partner. Wonder how? A small sized penis could depress or embarrass your partner without your knowledge.

There are chances that she might be unhappy with your penis size and struggling to express it with you. However without knowing this fact if you feel that she is happy with the sex life then in the long run it might prompt her to get into an extra marital affair. The easier thing to do is to learn how to determine how big is your penis. The following points will give you better idea.

Measure it:

The first thing you need to do understand how big your penis is to measure it. Take a measuring tape and measure the length of the sex organ. While measuring make sure to measure from the tip of the penis to the public bone. The most important fact to remember here is that you need to measure only when the penis is erect.

This is how to determine how big is your penis.

What is the difference between a small, average and big penis?

A penis is normally divided in to 3 sizes. Small, average and big. A penis which is less than or around 4 inches is considered as small. Some of the men fall into this category. This would often result in low sexual satisfaction and sex drive. Women usually don’t enjoy sex with this penis size. They feel depressed and dejected.

A penis which is between 4 to 6 inches is considered average size. This penis size would give intermediate pleasure to women if not great. A penis which is above 6 inches in size is considered as bigger would give ultimate sexual pleasure. It’ll make her happier and would give greater sexual pleasure. It also helps to increase the sex drive.

You first have to understand how to determine how big is your penis in order to analyze to which category of penis size you come under and find proper solution.

What is the remedy for small sized penis?

If you determine that your penis is among the small sized category then don’t be disheartened. You can still enjoy your sex life by enhancing its size with the use of effective products in the market such as penis enhancement pills. They are known to produce amazing results in a short period of time.

Follow the above tips and understand how to determine how big is your penis.

Penis enlargement methods - Which one to avoid?

When you want to enlarge your penis it is very important to choose the best among penis enlargement methods in the market in order to find the desired results. It is a very crucial decision in your quest for a bigger sex organ as a small mistake while choosing a product could prove to be disastrous.

This article will help in educating you about the various penis enlargement tools available in the market and which in choosing the best among them. You’ll be surprised to know that 90% of men fail in their penis enlargement program only because of choosing a wrong product.

There are dozens and dozens of fake products in the market and it is really difficult for a common man to choose the one that produces genuine results. The companies that produce these fake products first lure the customer about amazing results and then cheat them with incurable side effects.

Let us look at the various penis enlargement tools in the market and which are the best ones you can choose for greater results.

Penis enhancement pills:

These pills are the most effective and safest product in the market. When combine with penis exercises. they are known to produce results in a period of just 4-6 months and that too without any side effects. The pills are also nick named as ‘wonder pills’ due to their amazing results producing ability. Thousands of men across the world have successfully enhancing their penis size by choosing these pills.

The pills are most comfortable to use as you can carry them where ever you go and produce results. In contrast the other products are not so convenient to carry away from home and use. The best thing about them is that they are made of natural herbal ingredients and therefore are considered as the safest compared to any other product.

This is the best among all the penis enlargement tools available in the market as they’re safe, affordable and highly effective.

Penis enlargement surgery:

The surgery is the most dangerous and ineffective method you could choose as it could leave you with uncomfortable pain for the rest of the life. In many cases a surgery could damage your penis cells to such an effect you might loose the sexual life and this may affect your erection of sex organ.

This would mean that you’ll even loose what you have. Why do you want to take such a huge risk? More over this is the most expensive method of penis enlargement.

Pumps & creams:

Some of the other methods / products such as enhancement pumps & creams are quite dangerous too as they might crease serious side effects. The pump could leave your sex organ bruised and cream can make it uncomfortable with skin infections etc.

The above tips will be helpful in choosing a best option among the available penis enhancement tools in the market. Choose your product wisely in order to find the desired results. Change your life forever.

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