Natural Libido Enhancers: 6 Ways To Bring The Fire Back

Sex is usually equated with health. For men, nothing is particularly more striking. Having a strong masculine body is considered sexy – and a turn on – by most ladies. Hence keeping the flame between the sheets hot is an obsession for many men.

The reality, though, is that as men age, testosterone – vital for building body mass and sexual drive – produced also dwindles. The hanky body collapses into itself and the sexual aura dissipates. Hence, to keep the stamina, men resort to libido enhancement therapy.

The safest options usually are the natural libido enhancers. Below are the six libido enhancers that are packed with natural ingredients you need to rekindle your sexual spark.

Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is found in Scots pines, a pine tree species native to North America. The yellow dusty powder has been applied to remedy men’s overall health.

Its supplement has proven very effective in boosting testosterone levels in men. It contains phyto-androgens that propagate body growth and hormone reproduction. What’s great about it, is its high efficacy.

It contains ingredients with anti-oxidants properties which slows down the aging process. The DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) therein, stimulates penis erection, improves the testicular health, and accelerates the excretion of the estrogen. Taken for just three days, it significantly generates urgent sexual desire and intense drive.

Maca root powder

Maca root is a traditional herb used by men for centuries. Found in the most inaccessible areas of the Andes ranges, it’s well-known for its aphrodisiac properties. The light brown tubers are dried and ground for the medicinal values.

In the bedroom department, the root is packed with minerals, dopamine, fatty acids and amino acids which are essential in instigating testosterone production. Studies indicate that maca is instrumental in the alleviating erectile dysfunctions. Besides, it's an anathema to prostate enlargement which creates problems with erections. It further diminishes the adrenal fatigue and improves the general well-being of men.

Asian ginseng

Asian cultures have for centuries looked upon the highly virile ginseng for male sexual solutions. Stretching from Korean, Japan, China, to Indian, each country has its own variant of this ginseng roots. The Chinese and Korean variants encourage blood flow and induce increased testosterone levels when consumed for a long time. 

The Indian ginseng – ashwagandha or winter cherry - is known to reduce inflammation and stress, regulate tensions and boost the immunity. Besides, continuous consumption has been found to increase sperm production and semen quality.


This amino acid variant is essential for the production of proteins by the body. Upon ingestion, it’s quickly converted to nitric oxide that facilitates the dilation of the veins leading to the male sex organs. This way, it results in an increased penile erection. It also cures other symptoms leading to erectile dysfunction. 

Horney goat weed

Horny goat weed is a grass species which was discovered by accident, making goats run berserkly virile when consumed. The weed has since been used by the Chinese to revitalize their sexual potency. Its active ingredients work against enzymes known to inhibit blood flow to genital. As such, it improves men’s ability to erect as well the erection strength and durations.


Another very popular male supplement with proven sexual virility is fenugreek. A study found out that fenugreek boosted libido by about 82% when taken for about a month and a half. It also produced stronger ejaculations and reduced sexual recovery time significantly.

What’s more, it increased the muscle mass, the stamina and general physical fitness – all needed for a consummating sex. Above all, it recorded no adverse side effects.

Of course, these interventions work well when you include basic health practices. As such, you need to sleep well, eat a healthy diet, shun drugs and alcoholism, do physical exercise and reduce stressful atmosphere. It's also appropriate to discuss your approach with a medical expert before indulging in herbal supplements.

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