Penis Pills: 5 Myths Debunked

All men desire to have a strong and reliable erection every time they are in bed. However, this is certainly not the case. Natural erection is occasionally frail, unpredictable and sometimes even non-existent.

This situation exerts a lot of pressure on men to deliver. Instead of making an attempt at a sexual satisfaction, the pressure actually produces the opposite results, turning a highly anticipated date into a disaster.

To forestall such embarrassment, men literally comb around for available solutions. One of the avenues they consider is the penis pills. But with this remedy is also fraught with many myths which inhibits the uptake of the pills.

To clear the air, below are the five famous myths associated with the penis pills which needs debunking.

Penis pills enlarge your member

This myth is a lie. There is no way your manhood will increase in length and girth as a result of swallowing a penis pill. Penis pills are specifically formulated to dilate the blood vessels leading to your sex organs.

By clearing the passageways and directing increased blood to the lions, the penis erects more strongly for longer. Good erection usually provides an impression that the member is larger than it usually is, but in the actual sense, it’s just because of a strong erection coupled with engorged muscles around it that gives a false impression of its dimensions.

Penis pills are useless

This myth is not correct, at least for reputable products. There are many manufacturers who have invested considerably in their products, including undertaking clinical tests and addressing negative feedbacks to deliver functional products. Hence, many of them offer what they claim as improved penile erection pills.

However, if you consider shoddy products marketed by obscure companies, you are likely to be disappointed.

Penis pills have undesired side effects

This myth could partially hold water, but would also be determined by the quality of product you use. Some products contain substandard ingredients that do more harm than good. They are produced in unhygienic processes which may result in severe side effects for users. However, good reputable products manufactured by known companies under BBB establishments do not exhibit any adverse reactions. And then, any likely negative consequences are also clearly indicated on the packaging.

Herbs are safer

Herbal penis pills are regarded much safer due to natural ingredients that are potent and has not be synthesized in laboratories. However, not all herbs are safe. Some may results in undesired side effects, mainly due to varying concentration levels as well as the natural reaction of the herbs to pre-existing medical conditions. It is, therefore, recommended that you seek medical advice before engaging a herbal erection therapy.

Instant launcher

Perhaps the most misrepresented myth is that the intake of a penis pill results in an instant bedroom bazooka. This is certainly false. As with all supplements, it takes time to register the intended performance.

Men would take the libido-enhancing pills for about a month to notice a marked change in their erection strength and duration. The initial one week would show just a fickle but unnoticeable change. This result is also depended on several factors including age and gene. Hence, some male may register a quicker response from the usage of penis pills than others.

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