Red Wine Could Reduce Erectile Dysfunction

In life, we keep learning new things. Some make sense, and others don’t. Of utmost importance is to analyze whatever we hear or read critically and ingest or apply what we consider useful. This is particularly true when it comes to issues to do with health – and more sexual health. You will hear all sorts of things. The dos and donts associated with a given sexual disorder are all over. Take for instance the case of erectile dysfunction. Experts caution men against lousy lifestyle habits such as poor nutrition and excessive intake of alcohol.

Now, recently, the same experts recommend regular intake of red wine to help reduce erectile dysfunction. This may come as good news for individuals who wish to quit their favorite beer, and at the same time looking for an appropriate replacement. However, before we make that leap of faith and make red wine our newest favorite drink, let us try to understand the connection between red wine and erectile dysfunction.

A 40-year study conducted by a group of scientists from Harvard and University of East Anglia revealed a beneficial relationship between red wine and erectile function. The data used in the research study was collected from over 50,000 middle-aged men. The respondents were asked to narrate their experiences as far as obtaining and maintaining an erection enough for fulfilling sex is concerned. Details about their diets since 1986 were also kept into consideration.

They found out that, middle-aged men who consumed a glass of wine regularly had lower chances of developing erectile dysfunction. The results are even better when one takes red wine alongside servings of plenty of citrus fruits and berries. The best part is that one need not exert a lot of efforts.

It turns out; you only need 3-4 glasses or portions of red wine or flavonoids-rich foods respectively to keep erectile dysfunction at bay. How cool is that? The flavonoids contained in citrus fruits, however, offers more benefits compared to the ones present in berries and cherries.

If you start taking 3-4 glasses of red wine weekly, you could as well as say goodbye to your brisk walks. The researchers mentioned that regular consumption of red wine has the same effects on your erectile dysfunction as five hours per week of brisk walks. Flavonoids are found in a wide array of plant-based foods as well as drinks.

The scientists studied six major types of the most commonly consumed flavonoids. The examination revealed that three particular flavonoids namely flavones, flavanones, and anthocyanins offer the most benefits. Start consuming flavonoid-rich diets to reduce your chances of suffering erectile dysfunction by up to 10%.

In as much as red wine is highly effective in reducing erectile dysfunction, you cannot rely on it alone. Consider combining red wine intake with regular physical exercises to minimize your risk of experiencing ED by a whopping 21%. Remember that alcohol is not good for your erectile function. As such, red wine should also be taken in moderation. Be kind enough not to abuse the significant benefits it offers to men struggling with erectile dysfunction. Misusing it will only deliver opposite results.

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