Side Effects Of Penis Enhancement Pills

Sex enhancement pills have gained tremendous acceptance by most men. Not only are they cheap, but are also readily available. The fact that they are easily swallowed when required make their usage even more widespread.

But even with the array of inherent benefits the penis enhancement pills offer, they have flaws. Men considering using them should, therefore, undertake a thorough research on all the available options, eliminating any which would put them at risks. In doing so, the best approach, is to consult a doctor who would quickly determine the most suitable solutions to their penis enhancement needs and advise further.


You will note that there are two main types of penis enhancement pills. These categories are formed by their manufacturing and prescription methods.

First, there are those pills that undergo preparation synthetically in the laboratories. These are also checked and approved by the FDA for safety. As such, they are only dispensed using a doctor’s prescription.

On the other hand, there are those enhancers which are made from natural herbs. These do not need medical prescription. They are easily bought over the counter from any local health supplement store.


Below are the likely disadvantages of using penis enhancement pills: 


For those that are dispensed, these are the likely side effects they create.

Dizziness: The initial days of taking this supplement is characterized by daze and lightheadedness. The dizziness is usually accompanied by symptoms of fainting. Under ideal conditions, this feeling would disappear after a few days.

Nausea: Feeling nauseated is another common effect when you initially enroll for penis enhancement pills. This nausea is accompanied by throbbing headache, vomiting, stomach upset and stomach pains. Nausea would eventually dissipate after a few days.

Headaches: Having headache is another common occurrence when consuming the prescription penis enhancement pills. Sometimes, though, it may occur alongside nausea. 

Natural herbal enhancement pills

For the herbal penis enhancement pills, the most common side effects include the following:

High blood pressure: High blood pressure is a common side effect exhibited after taking the herbal-based penis enhancement pills. It is suspected that the cause of this increased blood pressure is the sudden surge in blood pumping. The herbs facilitate the dilation of the blood vessels, thereby allowing an increased blood flow.

Increased heart beats: Accompanying the high blood pressure is an increase in the rate of heartbeat. As a result of the medication, the heart is forced to pump blood at a faster rate. Users have reported palpating and occasionally irregular beats. This is not conducive to your heart. Especially if you are suffering from pulmonary diseases or on blood pressure medication.

Anxiety: The level of anxiety is also increased as a result of taking this remedy. In case you are prone to high anxiety, then this medication could worsen the situation.

Breathing complications: Difficulties with breathing have also been reported as a downside in the usage of the penis enhancement pills. Breathing may either be labored or quickened.

Allergic reactions: Some herbal penis enhancement users have also exhibited some form of allergies. These may include skin rash and swellings on the skin.

Since most penis enhancement pills are made from a combination of many supplements, it is not known whether such side effects are caused by the ingredients therein or the reaction of users’ body absorption mechanisms. This is because some users are more severely affected while others only show mild symptoms of these adverse reactions. It’s best to discontinue such medications in the event of prolonged or severe negative effects.

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