Supplements To Increase Libido: 6 Vitamins For Vitality

Sexual vitality is considered essential for a fulfilling intimacy. For men, it’s also assumed that this vigor is always present, only needing a catalyst to start raving. As men age, however, the stamina to keep strong erections for longer wanes. This is because the testosterone levels are declining.

Luckily, there are solutions to this decline in the libido. Many medicines have been formulated to alleviate this lowered drive. But the best solution is from the natural supplements. Below are six vitamins you need to rejuvenate your vitality.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is naturally abundant in eggs, milk, and liver. Several fruits and vegetables are also a good source of this vitamin, including carrots, spinach, squash and other leaves.

Vitamin A is vital for the development of bones and genes, improvement of respiration (especially in children), restoration of eyesight, and skin complexion. It also boosts immune system besides cell differentiation.

But the key feature is its anti-oxidation properties. This facilitates the production of testosterone in male and also facilitates increased sperm count. Besides, it also builds vigor and stamina – that is needed during love-making.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is plentiful in oranges, lemons, grapefruits, strawberries, kiwis, and sweet peppers.

It works by strengthening men’s immune system, lubricating the joint ligaments and safeguarding against stress. It is also important for synthesizing the hormones needed for fertility and surging the libido.

Vitamin E

Just like Vitamin A, Vitamin E is needed for the maintenance of a high libido. Available in cashew nuts, eggs, vegetable oils, cereals and spinach, this vitamin also possesses antioxidants.

Vitamin E is beneficial in reversing deficiency cases such as digestive problems. Cells get repaired quickly thanks to vitamin E. For sexual performance, vitamin E facilitates additional blood flow to the sex organs. Since it has properties that stifle aging, it enhances youthfulness and virility. Besides, it propagates the secretion of the male hormones required for intense sexual activities. 


Selenium is a mineral essential for the general body development. Just small portions of this trace mineral are needed for the body to function well. Selenium is found in adequate quantities in brown rice, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, white button mushrooms and chia seeds. However, the best source is the Brazil nuts. 

It works by facilitating the production of certain protein – antioxidant enzyme. This enzyme is required for the development of new cells and tissues to replace the dead ones as well as protecting the existing cells from damages, hence extending their longevity.

Selenium is also crucial in the fight against certain forms of cancer. Moreover, it offers insulation against the harmful effects of heavy metals and toxic substances consumed by our bodies. Hence it offers a conducive environment for the revitalization of cells and additional energy required for the enhanced male sex vigor.


Yet another mineral required for boosting men’s libido is zinc. Zinc is found in salmon, pumpkins, kidney beans, pork, brown rice, peanuts, crabs, egg yolk, chocolate and other foods.

Studies show that zinc indirectly facilitates the functions of over 100 types of enzymes found in our bodies. Men need adequate levels of zinc to correctly synthesize DNA, heal prostate complications and increasing the prostatic fluids secretions. It also increases the T cells production, improves the immunity as well age-related cognitive complications. Zinc is also found to boost the sperm production in men and enhance their virility during sex.

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