What Herbs Help Improve Male Libido?

Herbal therapies have been in use for centuries. Because they are a proven remedy which does not require scientific research, their applications have continued to date. Their tested potencies in restoring many deficiencies have made them useful throughout.

One area which has garnered a lot of herbal supplementation use is the male libido enhancement. With so many solutions being touted around, it gets very confusing as to which remedies actually work. Hence the popularity of the herbs. Below are the herbs that improve the male libido:

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna beans is a renowned sexual treasure trove. Its impact on the men’s strength, muscle mass and sexual virility is not in doubt. It’s one of the plants containing large quantities of L-Dopa. L-Dopa is itself revered for the production of the dopamine.

This secretion triggers the pituitary glands to release testosterone hormones - known to induce intense sex drive. Mucuna also inhibits the production of prolactin that is important for sperm production and fertility.


This soft textured mass material mostly oozes from the crevasses of rocks in high altitude areas around the Himalayas. It has been used for ages in the Indian traditional Ayurvedic therapy. The substance is a concentrate of rare nutrients and minerals required for vitality. Hence the jet black resin mould is known to improve the sexual desires of both men and females. Besides, if used for a long time, it increases the stamina through the detoxification of poisonous metals and toxins in the body.


The potent ingredients of the colostrum are known to immunize the new-born calves from diseases and stunting. Colostrum contains vitamins, nutrients and other compounds that stimulate growth. And that is why men taking colostrum as a natural boost for virility, massive muscle built and sex stimulant get very strong vitality. The sex supplements containing colostrum restores youthful vigor that ultimately increases your sex drive.

Tongkat Ali

This Asian flowering plant native of Indonesia has been feted as an aphrodisiac from time immemorial. Various clinical tests have established that the plant extracts deliver heightened libido and enhance testosterone secretion safely. Traditional references confirm its efficacy in reversing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction as well as low libido.

Due to its superb performance, many outlets have mimicked its production, using low-quality ingredients that do not meet the genuine potency levels of the real Tongkat.


This herb is also referred to as the bull testicles. But don’t go around asking for the same from your local butchery. You can get the bull testis-packed supplement from any health store. This herb is full of libido-enhancing sex hormones needed to spike your drive. Since it's naturally occurring, the nutrients are easily dissolved into the digestive system without any side effects. The only change you will notice is a raving charge of your testicles.

Deer Antler

Bucks, the male deer possess high sex drives. And the powerhouse of this libido is stored in their horns – antlers. A tiny amount of this extract is packed with prostaglandins – hormones regulating your blood pressure, muscle mass, cell development, hormone production, and oxidation. This supplement is considered one of the premier natural sex enhancers for all ages.

Well, now that you know the natural remedies, it’s prudent to incorporate the correct diet rich in libido-enhancing spices in your daily meals so as to secure the full benefits of these herbs.

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